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Real-time information

McBroken Quickly check to see if the ice cream machine is working at your nearest McDonalds.
Marine Traffic Real-time information on the movements and the current location of ships in harbours and ports. ... piracy
Highway Traffic Live highway traffic map and information. ... state maps
Airplane Traffic Track flights of aircraft currently in the air via ADS-B Exchange. ... flightaware
Earthquake Maps Real-time earthquake acitivty provided by the USGS. ... kr, ph, jp, cn, hk, in, au
Fire Maps Satellite information detecting active fires and thermal anomalies. ... incident information system, large incidents
Air Quality Maps Real-time air quality index visual map.
Lightning Maps World map that lets you see real-time lightning strike activity.
Power Outage Maps Power outage information available per county. ... more
Weather Radar National Weather Service weather doppler radar. ... NEXRAD (1), (2), water levels
Hurricane Tracking National Hurricane Center. ... Tropical Tidbits, satellite imagery, ... kr, ph, jp, cn, hk, in, au,
Weather Radio Listen to NOAA Weather Radio live streams for your region. ... NWR Coverage
Shortwave Radio Listen for USAF (8992kHz) messages and more using this Wide-band WebSDR.
Public Safety Radio Listen to a variety of public safety (dedicated short-range communications) audio streams via broadcastify.com.
Satellite News Live video feed from news broadcasts around the globe. ... Sky, Ruptly, RT, PressTV, الاقصى

Tools and learning

Soulseek Access an extensive collection of multimedia shared by other users on the Soulseek p2p network. ... TWC Archives
Streamlink Pipe live streaming video (YouTube, etc) directly into a video player. ... youtube-dl
Minimodem Software audio FSK modem which can be used to transfer data between two sources using audio.
Paul's Math Notes Comprehensive math study guides covering Algebra, Calculus I, Calculus II, and more. ... golly, mandelbulber2