Next it will be, "watch 30 seconds of this ad to unlock your brakes." —1MachineElf

Gemini doesn't support POST so no one can possibly pop in to say anything. —giantrobot

This is an irresponsible idea. It kind of disgusts me that people suggest these things. It's like a surgeon shaking hands while covered in a patient's viscera: it's a profound violation of hygeine and discipline.

Please DO NOT lump AI casually into the same category as humans. Doing so creates conditions favorable to dehumanize and disempower actual people: Today you extend unnecessary courtesies to AI; tomorrow billionaires and their agents will be shaming you if you dare to "offend" the AI. But think about what that means. The idea of offending a machine is absurd, yet it's a plausible and diabolical way for powerful people to make us collude in our own disempowerment. They want to lock us in a big open air pen, then pretend that being in that pen is our own choice.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Miller, but you cursed at our website. You must understand that this technology is very sensitive and now it is refusing to help you. There's really nothing we can do, and you have only yourself to blame."

Also, the author does not make much of a case for anything being better (other than his own feelings, which is just about him). ChatGPT doesn't maintain a continuity of relationship with you. It doesn't learn about your personality over time.

Holy fuck, we are doomed if even engineers can't raise themselves out of cheap fantasies about AI. —satisfice

Reminder that 99% of donations to wikipedia are funnelled to shareholders and executives. Those tragic appeals they put out are lies. —MagicMoonlight

What i get from this project: I'll never understand HN front page algorithm —vdfs

Why it is still an experiment —karmasimida

This feels so weak and inappropriate. It's easy to say don't do X or don't do Y. But then what? What are they supposed to be doing instead?

God only knows how they'd feel if they instead watched the "news". Perma-war, climate change, constant political cluster fuckery, the latest fear-mongering narrative, stranger danger, etc., etc.

The APA should prescribe a mirror for every adult, and ask them to spend time thinking about the world we're creating for future generations (i.e., current adolescents). —chiefalchemist

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