Maybe a bit off-topic, but am I the only one that gets immediately turned off by political banners across the top of a project?

It's their project, of course, and they can do what they like - but I'm having an increasingly difficult time paying attention to projects that do this.

Its distracting from the technology, and as far as I can tell doesn't serve any purpose other than to advertise a political affiliation. —claytongulick

damn, this site is trash. —junglistguy

No. I don’t want software upgrades. I want a vehicle that moves me from A to B with the least environmental disruption as possible.

If this can’t happen then I’m cycling or taking the bus. —southwesterly

Cool. Here's how to do it:

1. Migrate off of GitHub.

That's it, that's the whole process. —throwghaway

It's been breaking by life.

"Your browser is obsolete. Go shoot yourself. Have a nice day." —IYasha

This is exactly the kind of theatrics I expect from the "security" industry. Couldn't just call Russia "Russia", that would be too simple and understandable. Have to make up cool and scary sounding code words and logos like we're in Hollywood's version of the CIA, doing secret missions.

"Nation-state actor" is another hilarious one. For some strange reason everybody in the computer security industry decided to misuse the term ( because... it sounds cool or scary or something. Why? Just communicate like normal people and you'll be taken more seriously. It all just reeks of snake oil salesman behavior, where words are not used to communicate and create mutual understanding, but to confuse and conjure the appearance of authority and grandiosity. —throwawaylinux

I won’t run any apps over 480 KB unfortunately. —wilg

This whole apparatus makes me want to go completely offline. Maybe Kaczynski was right. —selimnairb

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