Those idiots cheering while the ship was exploding really freaked me out. You could totally sense how the cheering got frantic and panicked after it was clear something had gone wrong. Sounded like the Soviet Union Congress applauding after a Stalin speech, everyone applauding in total terror, afraid to stop and hoping they do not get reported for insufficient applauding.

Yeah, yeah the thing was a success because the goals set were very low, blah blah blah, I still do not see why they should applaud seeing the thing they spent so long building and that is supposed to carry humans explode. —hristov


Reason wins again —inquirerGeneral

Microsoft, if I own a Pro license then why can’t I get a pro experience? —tored

The 'art portrait' of their dog is utter garbage. —itronitron

Why does it have to aid you in finding anything? We’re so obsessed with efficiency and “productivity” these days.

Let’s be honest, when you came to this site you weren’t looking for anything in particular. Instead the site invites you to simply look around, embrace the excitement of clicking randomly and not really knowing what you’re going to get, and not really caring either. Just be a thoughtless child, wandering a garden yanking leaves along the way. Now isn’t that rejuvenating? —xwdv

Then, nine seconds later, Mr. Pichai apparently attempted (unsuccessfully) to delete this incriminating message.

lol —tdba

nobody really likes mastodon if they are being honest —bebopcowboy

This page is so distracting. The whole time I'm trying to read their pitch there's stuff moving around everywhere pulling my eye to that. I wasn't going to buy it anyway so I'm just going to go ahead and close it now. —chankstein38

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